The third installment of the annual PoleGroup mix CD, composed of unreleased tracks from the imprint, has been mixed by Hector Sandoval and Valentin Corujo, who together form the duo Exium.

In previous years, the Unknown Landscapes mixes have been curated by label owner Oscar Mulero, and Spanish techno producer Christian Wünsch. This year, it is the turn of Exium, who have selected tracks by familiar acts such as Reeko, Exium, Christian Wünsch, Kwartz and Oscar Mulero, as well as some new faces at the label, such as Vril, Pulse One, Francois X and Jeroen Search.

The duo had this to say about the release: “We think that the selected tracks are good examples of the different textures and intensities we are drawn to in the current Techno scene. We are very happy with the result, from start to finish. The first thing we did was to speak to our favourite artists, and artists that best fitted into the project, for some tracks. Then we sorted them according to their intensity, until we came up with something that satisfied both of us. Some of the artists made their tracks specially for the occasion, and others sent us stuff they hadn’t used for their own records, but that was perfect for the mix. We then chose the four tracks that we judged would work best in the maxi. They are all by artists that have never published with PoleGroup, which was another of our goals.”

The CD will be available from December 18, and can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp. Also, to accompany the release, Sandoval and Corujo selected four tracks from the CD for an exclusive vinyl release. You can check out the tracklists for both below, and also listen to a snippet from Francois X’s contribution:

Unknown Landscapes Mix Vol. 3

    1. Edit Select- The Freezing Process
    2. Vril – knokOKknok
    3. Samuli Kemppi – Bioskop
    4. Birth Of Frequency – Cold Spell
    5. Refracted – Separate Action
    6. Jeroen Search – The Method Differs
    7. Echologist -1968
    8. Francois X – Crisp
    9. Eric Fetcher – Commender
    10. Antigone – Printer’s Devil
    11. Mental Resonance – Resonant Object
    12. Reeko – Regnum Asturorum
    13. Oscar Mulero – Ascension
    14. Ribé – Deviation
    15. Inigo Kennedy – The Shepard Tones
    16. Christian Wünsch – Blazar
    17. UVB – Fantastic P
    18. Kwartz – Doctrine
    19. Sleeparchive – Multicolored Works
    20. Dino Sabatini – Enigmatica
    21. Pulse One – Estrangements
    22. Exium – Bextar
    23. Allen – Altered Memory
    24. Conrad Van Orton – Nathalie

    Unknown Landscapes, Selected 3 EP

    A1. Antigone – Printer’s Devil
    A2. Exium – Bextar
    B1. Inigo Kennedy – The Shepard Tones
    B2. Mental Resonance – Resonant Object