Outlines will open up a new chapter in its history with a six-track V/A compilation titled grids1. Whereas the Polish footwork label’s nine previous releases have been dedicated to a specific artist, idea, or area of footwork, the grids series presents some new directions that outlines could take. 

The first track on the A-side of the cassette is delivered by Japanese producer SAUCEMAN, one of the co-founders of the footwork label Booty Tune. Up next is Avtomat, one of the representatives of the Polish oramics crew which promotes non-binary artists moving beyond heteronormative ideology. “A Mess” is a grainy, vibrating construction.  A3 comes from Terri Chan (a.k.a Tchan and djgirl), who combines the traditions of Detroit and Chicago. “Spirityus” is an intense track, wobbling between the psychedelic samples and the technoid pulse. Polish producer Ostrowski comes next with “BL lac,” before Canada’s Automatisme closes the A-side with “Entrepôt 3.”

The B side is entirely occupied by CRZKNY’s “C.I.A vs. W.W.F.” We’re told that the 23-minute track is for footwork what Vladislav Delay’s “Huone” was for dub techno.


A1. Sauceman “鳥77”

A2. Avtomat “A Mess”

A3. dj girl “spirityus”

A4. Ostrowski “BL lac”

A5. Automatisme “Entrepôt 3”

B1. CRZKNY’s “C.I.A vs. W.W.F.” 

grids 1 lands April 20 digitally and on cassette tape, with clips below.