Producer, vocalist, and experimentalist Alan Abrahams (a.k.a Portable / Bodycode) will launch his Khoikhoi Records label with the Believing EP. 

Abrahams has been releasing music under his Portable and Bodycode guises for 20 years, seamlessly forging his South-African heritage with a futurist house sensibility. Now based in Paris, following stints in London, Lisbon, and Berlin, Abrahams will launch Khoikhoi, named after the pre-colonial tribes in the South African region where Abrahams grew up. The word roughly translates to “the first men.” 

The label’s first release will be Believing, a new EP that “proves to be as hopeful, honest, and touching as Abraham’s finest work,” we’re told. 


A1 Believing

B1 Le Morne

B2 Believing (Dub Version)

B3 Believing (a capella)

Believing will land on November 2, with clips below.