sqip, real name Cole M. Johnson, has released his debut album, battery.

battery, available now, comprises 17 tracks of powerful but delicate electronica, both deliciously contemplative and introspective. At times it’s playful but it’s also raw and deeply emotive.

The album is sqip’s debut release, recorded in Portland, Oregon and featuring his own vocals. Corey Wichlin adds guitar on “Wheel.”

There’s little else known about sqip, but look out for more material soon.


01. go
02. twice
03. wheel
04. boot
06. talk
07. voice
08. backseat
09. ghost
10. morning
11. space
12. foolish
13. energy
14. sideways
15. beach
16. nowyouknow
17. share

battery is available digitally now, with a full stream below.