Portuguese producer Bruno Silva has put out his first vinyl release, available now under his Ondness alias via SOUK.

Meio Que Sumiu, meaning the “community that disappeared,” alludes to the disappearance of outdoor communities and how it affects the music we listen to and how we listen to it. Silva wanted to release an album less about himself and his inspirations and more about his aspirations about how dance music could be in an era of constant interactivity and information, and also how it fails to be that aspiration.

Sonically, we’re told that it’s obvious Silva’s music has matured following his two releases as Serpente, A Noiva and Parada, plus an Ondness tape, Not Really Now Not Any More.

As with Not Really Now Not Any More, Silva works in the territory of science fiction, investigating the present and future with nostalgia about how things could be and could evolve. Instead of raving nostalgia about dance music from the 1990s, Silva explores the idea of possible futures with different approaches to electronic music in each song.


01. Off Trail Marvila
02. Scavengers
03. Chance de Turf
04. Bairro as in Concept Haze
05. Ringue ll
06. Crimes de gente
07. Scammers
08. Na Ronda
09. Ringue II
10. On Trial Marvila

Meio Que Sumiu LP is available now.