Posh Isolation has announced a new album from the label founders, the Danish duo of Loke Rahbek and Christian Stadsgaard—collaboratively known as Damien Dubrovnik.

Both artists are known for other projects, Loke as Croatian Amor and as part of Body Sculptures; while Christian has his solo project as Vanity Productions and is part of The Empire Line.

The Scandinavian imprint has been releasing work from artists such as Puce Mary, Croatian Amor, Varg (whose recent Nordic Flora’s series spans across Posh Isolation and Northern Electronics), the band Body Sculptures, to name a few.

Great Many Arrows is the 200th release on Posh Isolation and will be out on June 30, celebrating eight years for both the label and the Damien Dubrovnik project.

The album manages to “translate the intensity of the duo’s live shows into a carefully crafted studio production,” explains the label. The composition also includes organs, cellos, violas, wind, and other acoustic instruments together with electronic elements.


A1. Arrow 1
A2. Arrow 2
A3. Arrow 3
B1. Arrow 4
B2. Arrow 5
B3. Arrow 6

Posh Isolation will release Great Many Arrows on June 30, with “Arrow 5” streamable in full below.