Powell‘s new mini-LP, New Beta Vol. 2, will land on November 3 via Diagonal.

The seven-track release is a follow up to New Beta Vol. 1, which landed in June. Powell had this to say about the New Beta series: “I wanted a different approach to making music this year—a way to explore, to make stuff without knowing what the destination was gonna be, to go back to just making stuff consistently and putting it out without the fanfare that can come with doing an album proper. I liked the idea of keeping it to vinyl for now because that’s how it started for me and it felt like a nice situation to be making music for the people who support me the most rather than feeling like you’re making it for the internet.”

Accompanying the announcement, “Wormhole,” one of Powell’s most UK-sounding tracks to date, gets a distinctly UK video as a night out on the provincial coast turns into an acidic trip through a land of pissed-up gnomes, Princesses eating kebabs and rabbits passionately kissing under pulsing rainbows.

The track itself, while sounding unmistakably like Powell, nods to UK hardcore with its high tempo, rapid-fire breakbeats, wigglin’ acid line and punishing sub-bass stabs. “Wormhole” was released on the now sold-out New Beta Vol. 1 mini-LP that dropped earlier this year.


01. PosTAe
02. Sneak 2_05
03. Rudeboy, Let’s Funk
04. Slippy Pig
05. Drumz VIP
06. Hoi!!
07. Strobe

New Beta Vol. 2 will be released on Diagonal on vinyl only on November 3.