On April 11, Liverpool-based event series Meine Nacht will launch its label arm with a new EP from Daniel Ruane.

Both Ruane and Meine Nacht label head Breakwave share a forward-thinking out-of-the-box mindset when it comes to music and the way it’s presented, an aesthetic that can be found in Ruane’s intellectual, sci-fi sound design and Meine Nacht’s inspired venue choices—Meine Nacht events have taken place in spaces such as an old supermarket, a bakery, art galleries, a factory canteen, and an old police station. Now, the pair join forces on Tengu, Meine Nacht’s inaugural EP.

The title track opens euphorically with a set of otherworldly bleeps and awe-inspiring atmospheres, before Ruane piles on his notoriously frenetic rhythms and alien sounds—it’s a track that constantly morphs and warps its way through seven head-spinning minutes. From there, things get even deeper and weirder with “IV (CF_BD),” a track that plays out like a score to a battle between two extraterrestrial beings.

Tengu can be ordered now on limited-edition dubplate or digitally from here, with the title track streaming in full below.


1. Tengu

2. IV (CF_BD)