Max Cooper‘s Quotient series is a free download series that has allowed the renowned producer the freedom to veer away from the dancefloor, as he explains himself:

“The Quotient Series has been a nice opportunity to experiment with new music outside of the restrictions of record labels and their need to sell product. This freedom has left me open to put out a piano solo and feedback matrix, a 10 minute ambient to drum and bass glitch remix, a track scored to a video, a one off club collab and more – all projects that I wanted to try, and am glad I did, but that wouldn’t easily fit into the usual EP/LP formats.

It’s been a sort of sketch and experiment project, much of it tied to the Emergence visual shows, where I’ve been experimenting with how I can perform music and visual in sync in a live format.”

The last and final track in the series, “Eve,” is a collaboration with Monkeytown artist Alex Banks and, this time, is a much more club-focused affair, perfectly melding the signature sounds of both producers into a monolith of deeply wound textures and wall-shaking beats.

“Eve” can be heard in full below, with the track also available as a free download at