Tessier-Ashpool Recordings label head, Liar, will release “Sidewinder,” his latest single and a collaboration with Mutual Friend, on July 18.

Now one-and-a-half years old, Tessier-Ashpool has become synonymous with a highly-experimental bass-heavy style, courting releases from a wide-ranging pool of artists hellbent on pushing the sound of the label into the nether regions of electronic music. It’s hard to put your finger on the exact sound of the label, but that’s the way they want it. You’ll find everything from mechanistic industrial bass to post-grime, dub, and every conceivable style inbetween—but, somehow, it all has a cohesion that screams Tessier-Ashpool.

The latest single, arriving courtesy of Liar & Mutual Friend, attempts and succeeds in jamming the label’s wide-ranging ethos into one track—a label calling card if you will. It’s an otherworldly outing in true Tessier style.

Ahead of its July 18 release, you can stream “Sidewinder” in full via the player above.