Will Saul and Tee Mango will continue the Primitive Trust EP series with their third release, Little Love.

Will Saul and Tom Mangan (a.k.a Tee Mango) announced the Primitive Trust EP series last year after reconnecting at a festival in Morocco and deciding to spend some time in the studio together. Using only the gear they had (MPC 2000, Ableton, Roland 101, Juno, Fender Rhodes, various FX pedals), they set about to work to create tracks with “a commitment to trusting their instincts and to go with their feelings.”

The result is a series of three EPs, two of which have already landed. Each EP features two or three original tracks and one fresh remix, with unique artwork and an illustration by visual auteur Geoff Mcfetridge.

Little Love, the latest addition, follows the same formula. The title track builds warm harmonies driven by syncopated bass grooves, while Tee Mango‚Äôs Dub of “Tejon” features shuffling chords. Floorplan closes the release with a remix.


A1. Little Love
A2. Tejon (Tee Mango’s Dub)
B1. Little Love (Floorplan remix)

Little Love EP will land on January 26 via Aus Music, with “Little Love” streaming in full below.