Later this week, Jelly Bean Farm will close out the year with Krotone‘s latest EP, Bubbles.

The release will close out the year for Jelly Bean Farm, which was launched in 2017 by California’s Ganesa and has since gone on to release music from Hodge, Truska, Cloaka, and Mershak, among others. Comprised of four tracks, Bubbles finds the Leeds-based Krotone in fine form, touching on grime, breakbeat, UK bass, and darker shades of techno—sometimes all at once on the same track—in a nod to his relationship with UK dance and soundsystem culture. The five cuts on Bubbles all aim squarely at the floor with buzzing low-end energy and hard-hitting percussion.

Bubbles officially drops on December 7 and can be pre-ordered here, with the breaks-heavy title track streaming in full via the player below.