Italian artist Roberto Clementi is up next on made of CONCRETE with Plebiscite.

The renowned sound designer and Soma alum offers three originals on Plebiscite, backed up by a remix from Delsin regular BNJMN. On the originals, Clementi delivers a wide-reaching offering, ranging from tough peak-time techno (“Plebiscite”) to eerie, stripped-back dub (“Evocate”) and acid-tinged broken beat (“Cription”). On the remix front, BNJMN takes aim at the EP’s title track, twisting it into a five-and-a-half minute slice of deep and hypnotic techno. All four cuts are high-quality outings expertly crafted for the dancefloor.

Plebiscite drops on March 1 and can be pre-ordered here, with “Cription” streaming in full via the player below.