Florence’s party series Tropical Animals will release a new EP from Andrew Morrison (a.k.a The Cyclist) via their label arm, launched earlier this year. 

Morrison, an Irish producer, sits at the forefront of the lo-fi, opaque, analogue house scene described as ‚Äútape throb.” He released Bones in Motion, a debut album, in 2013 via Leaving Records and Stones Throw Records. In 2014 Morrison introduced a new alias, Buz Ludzha, before returning again as The Cyclist in November to release his second album, Flourish, and he’s now back with Boards Of Chicago. He’s also shared work via Hypercolour and Crash Symbols. 

The EP sees Morrison layer psychedelic synth warbles with jacking electro flair, exploring the lo-fi reaches of house across three warm and club-ready cuts. 


01. Boards Of Chicago

02. Jackson Kalter 

03. Madass

Boards Of Chicago EP will arrive on September 7, with “Jackson Kalter” streaming exclusively in full via the player below.