Later this month, Æ Recordings will return with the new EP from Ísar Logi Arnarsson (a.k.a. Cold), titled Exiles.

Arnarsson gained notoriety in the mid nineties when Sven Vath closed his set with the Icelandic producer’s “Strobelight Network”—the track was also the inaugural release on pioneering dub techno label Thule Records, of which Æ Recordings is a sub-label.

Arnarsson’s latest lands after more than a 20-year hiatus with five deep and dubby cuts, from the stripped back grooves of “Aerials” to “Goosebumps” slo-mo dub aesthetic and the murky atmospheres of the title track.

The EP officially drops on July 17 and can be preordered here, with “Goosebumps” streaming in full below.