Bristol label Mint Tea will soon release Dansolso’s Jungle, a blend of tracks sourced from the UK and Georgia nurtured and crafted by producers WD41, Toke, and El. 

Opening the EP is a slurry of dub-techno as infused with WD41 debuts on the label. Next is Toke, the Tbilisi, Georgia-based in artist with “Night Vibe,” before El Choop, based in the UK, serves up “Skeleton Crew.” Closing the EP is Toke with “Messed Up” deep, soothing house cut. 

This is the label’s fourth release, and will be limited to 300 vinyl copies only. 


A1. WD41 “Dansolso‘s Jungle “(OriginalMix)

A2. Toke “Night Vibe” (OriginalMix)

A3. ElChoop “Skeleton Crew” (OriginalMix)

A4. Toke “Messed Up” (Original Mix)

Dansolso‘s Jungle will land on October 23, with Toke’s “Messed Up” streaming exclusively in full via the player below.