Copenhagen label Pattern Abuse will release its second compilation, Pattern Abuse Compilation 2 – Nordic Ambient, next week.

The release features 11 tracks produced by little-known producers from Sweden and label home, Denmark, providing a beautiful and, at times, haunting look into the Nordic ambient sound. Over at least the last half decade, producers from the Nordic countries have proved to be masters of melancholic ambience—whether dense, fragile, gorgeous, brutal, or desolate. The music that emanates out of the Scandinavian region is full of depth and intrigue—much like the land itself—and on Pattern Abuse’s new compilation this is on full display across a collection of engrossing and emotional cuts.

To give you a taste of the compilation, Pattern Abuse has offered up a full stream of Qloo‘s “Oh,” a dense ambient cut full of rippling textures and icy soundscapes, available to stream below.

You can pick up the compilation next week via the Pattern Abuse Bandcamp page.