Next week, Hypnus kicks off its 2019 release schedule with a new EP by Feral.

Titled Court of Light, it’s Feral fifth solo record and marks the start of Hypnus’ sixth year in existence—it also signals a new visual direction for Hypnus, which will now focus on custom-cut sleeves and grand, cinematic artwork. Musically, Court of Light presents an immersive collection of fierce dub techno; tracks that are as primed for the dancefloor as they are soundtracking a scene from the record’s stunning sleeve. Feral shows he has a deft production touch in regards to texture and groove via slices of cavernous acid (“Court of Light”) and deep, morphing techno (“Three Faced Queen”).

In support of the release, Hypnus has offered up a full stream of “Three Faced Queen,” available via the player below. 

You can pre-order the EP here.


1. The Enchanter

2. Three Faced Queen

3. Court of Light

4. Jester