At the end of this month, Osaka-based artist Erik Luebs will release Wasteland on Perfect Touch, his imprint and events arm.

The EP was conceptualized over the last 18 months as Luebs distilled his technical process and approach to music, resulting in a 25-minute collection of three original cuts that straddle the line between techno, IDM, broken beat, and ambient. Although his music is hard to pigeonhole into one style or genre, Luebs has crafted a sonic world filled with immersive rhythms and a punk-like feeling—something that could be attributed to Luebs’ local scene in Osaka that melds noise, grime, techno, bass, and house together in a multifaceted community.

Alongside the three originals is a remix from experimental Leeds-based band Vessels, who rework “Red C” into a fierce slice of proto-techno, available to stream in full via the player below.

You can pre-order Wasteland via Boomkat ahead of its March 31 release date.