On June 24, Up High Collective—made up of Ducap, Oddlaner, Sir-5, DIA, and William—will release its latest EP, Monomade, on the group’s own Tangram Records.

Since the release of the Kineticuts and Phonemica EPs, Up High Collective has garnered support from some of the beat scene’s leading selectors, including Lefto, Kutmah, Gaslamp Killer, Om Unit, and House Shoes. Upon hearing their tracks, it’s not hard to see why: they trade in industrial-tinged beats that rattle the walls and your mind.

The latest from the group is the slamming Monomade EP, a four-track release that follows suit from its predecessors. The group describe the release as a “nomad’s trip trough the clusters in life and discovering the harshness of heavy industries,” which give you a bit of an idea of the mind-melting sounds you’ll find within.

Ahead of the June 24 release, Up High Collective has offered up a stream of EP cut “Clustro Phono,” which you can hear in full via the player above.