Fabe is set to drop his debut album, Water Tower, on his own Salty Nuts label early next week.

The album caps off a busy few years for the Berlin-born, Mannheim-raised DJ and producer, following close to 20 releases on labels such as Cocoon, Mulen Records, Infuse, BodyParts, and, of course, Salty Nuts. Featuring Fabe’s signature loopy, insatiable grooves, the LP is a personal statement, flowing through his influences and touching on hip-hop-influenced beats, low-slung minimal, New York house, and much more. Although it’s a club-focused collection of tracks, Water Tower still warrants listening away from the dancefloor and is a high-quality summation of Fabe’s studio prowess.

You can pick up the LP here, with “Hoch Nie Wie” streaming in full below.