Like all of Banoffee Pies‘ releases—barring a solitary LP from Mark Nicholas—the Black Label series presents tracks from various artists from the label’s catalog. Part 1 dropped back in June and featured Christian Jay, Larry De Kat, Florist, and Crump, and Part 2 arrives later this month and will feature tracks from Hansel!, KOKO, Niccolo Borgis, Adam Strömstedt, and an unknown artist.

In the lead up to the release, Banoffee Pies has offered up a full stream of “Bet Your Life,” the EP’s standout track from the sole unknown artist. It’s a euphoric cut with an insatiable raw groove at its center that utilizes, quite effectively, a filtered, old-school-flavored vocal for maximum dancefloor effect. Available on vinyl-only, this one is aimed straight at the heads and like the rest of the release will fit nicely into countless house sets.

You can stream “Bet Your Life” in full via the player above.