Dresden producer Steven Cock is set to drop a new EP as Linearis on made of CONCRETE.

The EP, titled Confused, will be the label’s fifth release of the year, following contributions from Marco Bruno, Kaiser, Alek S, and a various artists compilation that featured tracks from Yoikol, Simon Prod, Danny Kotz, and, evidently, Steven Cock. Now under his non-house-centric moniker Linearis, Cock delivers three tripped-out dub cuts, alongside a remix by Bade Records label heads Brothers Black. The three originals range from hazy, warped dub (“Confused”) to rolling deep techno (“Half Life”) and alien-like ambient (“Ambi”), while Brothers Black present a groove-laced rework of “Ambi.”

Confused will be released on July 20 and can be pre-ordered here, with Brothers Black remix streaming in full below.