On November 9, Brooklyn-based label Bastard Jazz will launch the fifth volume in their Tempo Dreams compilation series, curated by Los Angeles producer Free The Robots. In each run of Tempo Dreams, the curator presents music from artists who are “on the fringe of widespread acclaim,” highlighting people they’ve connected with all over the globe that are still digging their roots into the public consciousness. Previous curators in the series include Pomo, Teeko & B. Bravo, Soul Clap, and Tall Black Guy. 

Free The Robots selected an eclectic mixture of artists for Tempo Dreams, Vol. 5, bringing together new works from Mophono, Never Ending Echo, Kuromoji, RSI-MSK, The Breathing Effect, Cazal Organizm, Lefto, Chubby Boss, Caliph8, TITLE, NOIS IV, The Heavy Twelves, Mu., and Markey Funk. We’re told to expect a reflection of his “eclectic and evolving sense of taste” that bridges “jazz, psychedelia, hip-hop, electronic, and sounds from the unknown.” 

Ahead of the digital launch of Tempo Dreams, Vol. 5, you can stream the opening track from San Francisco-based Mophono, titled “Bernardwuar”. Full of hard-hitting drum breaks and psychedelic motifs, the layering is minimal yet the tonality is powerful, winding down a darkened corridor of sound. You can pre-order Tempo Dreams, Vol. 5 here, with the track and tracklisting below. 


01. Mophono “Bernardwuar”

02. Never Ending Echo “Vanessa”

03. Kuromoji “Pond Folks”

04. RSI-MSK “Eye and the Egg”

05. The Breathing Effect “Waves”

06. Cazal Organizm “Blasian Jawn”

07. Lefto “Jukesoftheworld”

08. Chubby Boss “Hop Louie”

09. Free the Robots “Nasi Goreng”

10. Caliph8 “Offset Negative 27”

11. TITLE “Trails”

12. NOIS IV “Savage”

13. The Heavy Twelves “M.U.R.M.U.R.”

14. Mu. “Pentium Zen”

15. Markey Funk “La Ligne Morte”

Photo: Brendan Goco