After working in the shadows as ghost producers in the pop music lane, anonymous LA producers Joq & Zoomy are set to step into the light with their debut collaborative project, Hold Me Up to The Light.

The album is described as a 60-minute “loop” of original electronic productions touching on ambient, IDM, and techno, all connected and intertwined to create one long piece. Joq & Zoomy cite Mark Fell and Steve Reich as inspirations, with repetition and minimalism as central concepts throughout the record.

Through Hold Me Up To The Light, Joq & Zoomy examine contemporary forces in music: the reliance on streaming platforms and the algorithm for discovery, and it’s effect on how music is consumed; the power of repetition; the flattening of music by removing time as a dimension. The record also tackles socio-political themes, such as order and chaos, power and violence, automation, and…repetition.


01. Flock Of Bees
02. The Old Dog Is Back Again
03. Authoritarian
04. Brian and I
05. The Man in the Machine
06. Strange Boy
07. Dim Light of Hope
08. River In The Dark
09. A Tenuous Grip on Reality
10. Red Gaze
11. Close But No Cigar
12. Beautiful Foolish Arms

Hold Me Up to The Light will land on March 26, with “River In The Dark” streaming exclusively in full via the player below.