Derek Piotr‘s latest album, Grunt, will land via DPSR on September 28.

Grunt is Piotr’s eighth solo record and is formed from 21 short-form sonic excursions that are at once brutal and engrossing. Over the years, Piotr’s work has focused on taking recognizably analog sounds—the voice, string instruments, found sounds—and reconstructing them into wild sonic tapestries, and his latest, as the name suggests, looks to the “most primal and animalistic of utterances,” a grunt, for its base material. The 21 “electroacoustic miniatures” on the album present a body of work that morphs and evolves at every turn, whilst constantly teetering on the edge of collapse. The album also features a reworked version of “Redirect” by legendary experimental artist Kevin Drumm.

Ahead of the release, Piotr has offered up a full stream of album cut “Despot,” a confounding two-and-a-half minute ride through rippling textures and haunting bass tones, available via the player below.

You can pre-order the record here.