Animal Farm will release Stephanie Sykes‘ latest EP, Interference, on August 24.

Interference will be the sixth release on Animal Farm in 2018, following outings from Vertical Spectrum, Lars Huismann, Michel Lauriola, F1avio, and Kaiser—it’s also Sykes’ first solo EP since 2016’s Walking Alone EP on Prodigal Son. Alongside the two originals, which range from the booming rhythms of the title track to the atmospheric broken beats of “On The Other Side,” Interference also lands with a remix from elusive artist Janice, which the label describes as “a razor sharp mind-trip of a remix that’s as affirming as it is abrasive.”

In support of the approaching release, Animal Farm has offered up a full stream of “On The Other Side,” available to hear via the player below.

You can pre-order Interference here