Next week, Mojuba sub-label a.r.t.less will release a new EP from Stereociti‘s Waveguide alias.

As a contrast to Stereociti’s more house-leaning sound, Waveguide will focus on the techno and electro end of the sonic spectrum, while approaching different methods in sound design and composition harking back to the raw energy of the very beginning of Ken Sumitani‚Äôs musical journey. All four tracks on the EP follow this raw energy, from the fathoms deep atmospheres and frenetic rhythms of “Tightrope” to the title track’s broken-beat funk and tripped-out acid of “Cubic Root.” A standout EP from start to finish, Quod is another notch in the belt for an outstanding producer.

You can pick up Quod on November 23, with “Tightrope” streaming in full below.