Brooklyn-based artist Peter Segerstrom will release his latest album under his Portable Sunsets moniker on May 19 via Atomnation.

Order will follow Segerstrom’s previously released album, Bless—which was also released via Atomnation—an LP as Surfing on 1080p, and 2012 Portable Sunsets LP on Daedelus’ Magical Property label.

On Order, Segerstrom presents an interesting mix of ambient-tinged techno, warped deep house, and more laid-back pastures, tracks crafted with self-created MAX/MSP synths and Segerstrom’s manipulated vocals, which take on new life as synth-like textures and soundscapes. With its bass-weight, Order is still very much a club-focused record, although it sits just as comfortably off the dancefloor in a home-listening environment.

You can pre-order Order here, with LP cut “Hyperstability” available to stream in full via the player below.