Later this week, Mato will debut on Omni A.M.’s Euphoria Records with his latest EP, Moving In.

From the late ’90s through the early ’00s, Euphoria Records established itself as a force in the tech house and minimal worlds, releasing music from the likes of Mark Ambrose, Terry Francis, Casey Hogan, and label bosses Omni A.M. to great acclaim. This week, the label returns with its first solo artist release since Freaky Chakra’s 2003 It’s Time EP, presenting three new tracks from Maltese artist Mato. 

Nodding to the early days of tech house and minimal, Moving In is a raw and gritty collection of groovy club jams. From “Gozo Carnival,” a driving bass-heavy outing, to the swinging minimal house of “Euphoria Jamz” and the low-slung grooves of “Where’s the Chutney?,” Moving In is a welcome addition to Euphoria’s already stellar catalog.

You can pre-order Moving In here, with “Where’s The Chutney?” streaming in full via the player below.