Sebastian Mullaert‘s new Circle Of Live project will release its second EP, Live At Freerotation 2018, in December.

Circle Of Live is a series of improvised jam sessions with “no prior planning whatsoever aside from an agreed BPM.” The setup and the artists changes from performance to performance; this particular recording comes from July’s Freerotation Festival, the project’s first gathering, which featured a collaborative performance from Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Mathew Jonson, Steevio, and Mullaert.

Segments of the jam have now been cut up and presented in six tracks that capture “the imperfections and charm of truly improvised live performance. 

Ahead of Live At Freerotation 2018‘s December 7 release on the Circle of Live label, you can stream B2, “Live at Freerotation 2018 (Mathew Jonson, Steevio)” exclusively in full via the player below. 

Circle Of Live will also perform in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin’s Funkhaus, Munich, Brussels, and London between now and February 2019, with the likes of Âme and Neel joining in. More information cab be found here


A1. Live at Freerotation 2018 

(Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert, Steevio)

B1. Live at Freerotation 2018 

(Johanna Knutsson, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert)

B2. Live at Freerotation 2018 

(Mathew Jonson, Steevio)

C1. Live at Freerotation 2018 

(Dorisburg, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert, Steevio)

D1. Live at Freerotation 2018 

(Dorisburg, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert)