CHREAL01 is the debut project by anonymous Scottish producer Chaotic Reality, exploring a meditative side to techno. Written over the course of several months spent living in New York, CHREAL01 contains four tracks that repeat, oscillate, and “soundtrack a more centred existence.” Inspirations for the work include Shinichi Atobe, Avalon Emerson, Newworldaquarium / Ross154, The 7th Plain. Each track in this self-released record is named after its sequence and operates at a slower tempo, focussing on melody and sound design, particularly the “space between dub techno and early trance”

In support of the release, the artist has shared “Two,” which has an “introspective focus,” rarely reaching more than two kicks per four bars. An arpeggiated lead centres the composition, slowly developing over a thick bassline. Distant snaps and pops season the track, highlighting the empty breathing space intentionally left in the production.


A1. One
A2. Two
B1. Three
B2. Four

CHREAL01 EP will land on March 30, with “Two” streaming in full via the player below.