On November 24, Berlin-based Québécois producer Nicolas Bougaïeff will launch his new imprint Denkfabrik with his new album, Principles of Newspeak.

The LP follows Bougaïeff’s recent Cognitive Resonance 12″—the album also features three cuts from the EP—which was the first new release on relaunched British label NovaMute. The eight-track album was inspired by the appendix to George Orwell’s novel 1984 and is about the war on truth itself. The cuts on Principles of Newspeak are hard-to-define sonic journeys that touch on electro, drone, and IDM.

“Inaugurating the launch of my label Denkfabrik with Principles of Newspeak feels extremely fulfilling. Especially as it includes the tracks from my recent Cognitive Resonance 12″, which recently marked the relaunch of NovaMute, home to so many of my techno heroes (Plastikman, Chris Liebing, Speedy J) when I was just getting started. I could not have foreseen a better launch story.

I’ve long been fascinated by 1984 and already made several attempts to translate into music the underlying themes. Early in 2017, with what’s going on in the world and online, the time felt right to try again. I chose to focus specifically on the way words and facts are twisted and spread, both in Orwell and in reality and used that to inspire the sounds, structures and titles across the album.

Coming up next on Denkfabrik is Vocabulary C, a collection of locked grooves made from the audio scraps leftover from writing the Principles of Newspeak album. If you’ve read 1984 you’ll recognize the name as one of the facets of newspeak, the language invented to control thought. The parallel seemed just too perfect: between the loop as a purely functional self-standing piece of music and the reductionist structure of newspeak”

Ahead of the release next week, Bougaïeff has offered up a full stream of the LP’s title track, available to stream via the player below.