The latest release to drop on 20/20 LDN will be PAINT‘s Exodus EP.

PAINT formed in 2016, consisting of Tsuruda and Huxley Anne, two respected artists with a string of releases under their belts for the likes of Dome of Doom and Division, not to mention Tsuruda’s self-released beat outings. Inspired by abstract hip-hop, jazz, bass, grime, and the LA beat scene in which the pair honed their sounds, PAINT’s music is a genre-less fusion of foggy soundscapes and warped beats. The duo are also heavily inspired by visuals and fighting gender constraints, as they explain:

“After years of writing together under our solo aliases, this EP has solidified a creative purpose—unifying musical production with a visual aesthetic to elevate electronic music into the realm of art. It also serves a social purpose, placing a man and a woman on equal footing within a technical environment where women are scarcely represented. Fighting against both genre and gender constructs drive our forward-thinking energy inside the musical structure.”

Exodus will drop on August 18 on 20/20 LDN and can be pre-ordered here, with the EP’s mind-bending opening cut “Beast Mode” streaming in full via the player below.