Placebo’s Stefan Olsdal and Miguel López Mora will release their debut album as D I G I T A L 2 1 + S T E F A N O L S D A L on October 13.

The album, titled Inside, was a result of a friendship sparked within the fringe music scene in Madrid, and fuses Miguel’s electronic-music-focused past with Stefan’s years of experience in rock band Placebo, resulting in a sprawling hybrid of club-based sounds and organic instrumentation.

On the album, the duo take to a Moderat classic in “Rusty Nails,” a cover recorded with a string quartet, as Miguel explains:

“‘Rusty Nails’ is a cover from the band Moderat. When we made it we felt like we were inside a music box. The string quartet was at hand in the studio and Stefan played the broken piano riff of the song and these together made it a perfect scenario to emulate a music box. It is a very soft vision of the original song.”

Inside will be released on limited-edition, white-colored vinyl, CD, and digitally via Kobalt Music Recordings on October 13. Ahead of that release, you can stream “Rusty Nails (Cover)” via the player below.