These Hidden Hands is an experimental electronic group made up of members Alain Paul and Tommy Four Seven. The group released their self-titled debut album in 2013 via their own creative platform Hidden Hundred, which cemented their reputation for creating exciting and experimental electronic music.

Although quiet since the debut, the project resurfaced earlier this year with “These Moments Dismantled,” featuring Lucrecia Dalt. The single was a brilliant precursor to the recently announced sophomore album, Vicarious Memories, which will arrive on Hidden Hundred on August 5.

Building on the sound they crafted on the debut album, Vicarious Memories is a deeply wound bundle of rolling grooves, haunting instrumentals, and beautifully bizarre vocal outings, which feature vocal work from Berlin-based musicians Julia Kotowski and Ale Hop.

Ahead of the August 8 release, you can stream album cut “Socotra” via the player above.