made of CONCRETE celebrates its second anniversary on February 17 with an EP from Rebar—a collaboration between label founders Andreas Pionty and fumée grise.

Titled Hansaprohlis, the EP is centered around “geo-relevant, field-recorded elements,” with each side featuring an original and a remix; a-side cut “Prohilis” is named after a district in Dresden, Andreas Pionty’s hometown, and explores straightforward industrial elements; whereas on the flip, the title track unfolds as a more traditional composition. On the remix front, Kaputt label head Coeter turns in a groove-filled rework of “Prohilis,” with Alex Bau taking the title track into dub techno territory.

Ahead of the February 17 release, you can stream Alex Bau’s remix of “Hansaprohlis” in full via the player below.