Next week, Opilec Music will release the latest in their remix series, this time a single from label head I-Robots‘ 2008 Law of Robotics album.

The track in question, “Brother Man,” gets the rework treatment from Red Axes and Hiroshi Watanabe (a.k.a. Kaito), following on from contributions to the remix series from the likes of Kuniyuki Takahashi, Djembe Monks, Danny Ocean, Los Hermanos, Gary Martin, Alexander Robotnick, Daniele Baldelli, and Marco Dionigi.

Each of the remixes—Watanabe provides two remixes, with an instrumental joining the original rework—provides a vital new version of “Brother Man,” with Red Axes opting for a galloping and hypnotic house hybrid and Watanabe going in a more techno-focused direction with cosmic tendencies.

The remix package drops on September 11 and can be pre-ordered and previewed here, with Red Axes remix streaming in full below.