The Sound Of Glades, Wolf Müller & Cass‘ mini-album, arrived on International Feel back in June and featured five floating cuts of serene beauty. Following the album, International Feel asked both Wolf and Cass to remix one of the tracks each and choose a remixer for a third rework, which arrives courtesy of Salon Des Amateurs resident Tolouse Low Trax.

Taking A-side duties, Tolouse Low Trax reworks the album’s title track into a devastating, low-slung groover—it’s a winding dancefloor gem that that seems a perfect fit for the dancefloor of the world renowned Düsseldorf club in which he’s a resident. On the B-side, Wolf and Cass both focus their efforts on “Aiolos,” with Wolf turning in a slice of balearic bliss and Cass a drifting, downtempo piece fit for the forest.


01. Glade Runner – Tolouse Low Trax Remix
02. Aiolos – Wolf’s Wind Version
03. Aiolos Cass Version

You can purchase the release here, with Tolouse Low Trax’s remix streaming in full via the player above.