Today, Franck Roger will return to his Home Invasion imprint with HI015.

Comprised of two new solo cuts and a remix from Chris Carrier under his Mr. Georget moniker, the EP—which follows outings on Dj Deep’s Deeply Rooted, Innervisions, and Planet E—serves as the start of a new project for Roger in which he will welcome a series of guest producers to the imprint to deliver a remix of their favorite label track on each forthcoming release, with this EP featuring fellow French house stalwart Chris Carrier.

The tracks on HI015 range from Roger’s gritty, groove-led opening cut, “809,” to “Bugz,” a trippy MPC workout and Carrier’s Mr. Georget remix of “Yabba,” which, in true Carrier style, employs intricate percussion patterns and deep, hypnotic synth lines.

In support of today’s release, which can be grabbed here, you can stream the Mr. Georget remix in full via the player below.