On January 27, Tim & Puma Mimi—a Swiss-Japanese duo who describe themselves as “sushi served with Swiss chocolate for wasabi”—will drop their latest album, Der Die Das, via Mouthwatering Records.

The overtly eccentric group have been known to, among other things, use a cucumber to trigger their synthesisers to “prove how crazy triggering interface design could get,” as well as utilizing Skype during live shows to beam Puma Mimi up on a screen behind Tim to perform songs remotely from her Tokyo apartment. This quirkiness and natural tendency to explore out-there ideas also translates to their music, which is an invigorating mix of everything from dub to Japanese rap, twisted modular synth jams, and, quite literally, everything in between. To use a quote from the press release, it’s “as if Towa Tei and Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite ran into Giorgio Moroder at the thickest, craziest 90s rave,” then “all of them took copious amounts of mushrooms and turned into anime characters who just so happened to live in an 8-bit video game”; and to be honest, it’s a very apt description.

To give you a taste of their flavor, you can stream “Guest Book No.1,” a pop-infused cut with drunken rhythms and warped sound design, in full via the player above.