Early next month, Rotterdam techno operation Tar Hallow will team up with Planet Rhythm for a new VA.

The release is set to drop on October 6 and will feature four Tar Hallow Artists: Klankman, Charlton, Rhyw, and Tar Hallow label head Thanos Hana. The music, like much of the back catalog of the combined labels, sits at the deep and gritty end of the techno spectrum, from the tense broken beats of Klankman’s “Cannot Use That Command On Overlapping Selections” to the relentless grooves of Thanos Hana’s “The Injury Pattern” and Rhyw’s energetic “MKFBTB.”

Ahead of the October 6 release, you can pre-order the record here, with Thanos Hana’s contribution streaming in full via the player below.