Berlin-based DJ and producer Eric Maltz will return to his own Flower Myth imprint next month with Estuaries.

Maltz name rang around the scene last year when his debut LP, NS-17, dropped on Levon Vincent’s Novel Sound—the LP was the first time an artist other than Vincent had released on the label—presenting a collection of hypnotizing tracks that ranged from Vangelis-like ambient to deep and ethereal techno. The Pathway EP followed earlier this year and inaugurated Maltz’ Flower Myth label with three more affecting cuts, with his latest, Estuaries, set to follow suit. 

Like Pathway, Estuaries looks to capture inspired moments of free-flowing instrumentation from Maltz’ live show, whilst also reworking choice sections from older material and piano improvisations. On Estuaries, Maltz combines his two worlds, mixing the electronic and the accoustic—Maltz was a working pianist before entering the electronic production realm—across three sublime house cut. From the title track’s ethereal dub grooves to the moody atmospheres of “Mind Stretch” and the cinematic vibes of “Messin Around,” Estuaries further opens up Maltz’ expansive sound with stunning clarity.

Ahead of the August 3 release, you can stream the EP’s title track in full via the player below, with a pre-order here