Next month, Unità Psicofisica will return with its second release, a various artist EP titled Collisioni Sonore Pt.1.

The Italian label launched back in May with Assioma, an EP from fellow Italian Manent that encapsulated the label’s sonic signature with four deep and textured techno cuts. Now, with Collisioni Sonore Pt.1, the label widens its musical breadth with four more mind-bending cuts, ranging from Korridor’s cavernous “Geotetra” to the menacing rhythms of PRG/M‘s “Quantum Decay,” SHLTR’s otherworldly ambient cut “Pashupatinath,” and Von Grall’s alien-like exercise in deep polyrhythms. Although Collisioni Sonore Pt.1 presents tracks from four different artists, it has a expertly curated cohesion to the release, marking a standout sophomore offering from the rising label.

Collisioni Sonore Pt.1 is set to drop on October 5 and can be pre-ordered here, with PRG/M’s “Quantum Decay” streaming in full via the player below.