Next month, Aimed will release a track on EWax‘s new VA and launch their self-titled label with an eight-track VA.

The Aimed trio consists of Ukrainian duo Orbit & Belogurov, who have gained a solid reputation thanks to releases on Adult Only Records, Drumma, Cyclic, Arupa Music, and Slowdance, and Cheise, who has dropped tracks on OGE, Crocus, Kanja Records, Kina Music, and System 108, among others.

The launch of the project will see the trio land on EWax’s forthcoming VA, which also features Thomas Wood, Josh Baker, Ryan Murray, and Stephan Bazbaz, with a deep and rolling house cut titled “Adjust.” Following that, the Aimed label project will launch with its own VA, featuring cuts from Chris Carrier, FAER (a.k.a. Felipe Valenzuela and Argenis Brito), Onoffon, Herr, Miffy & Milly, Onoffon, Basic7, and Stephan Bazbaz & Asael Weiss.

As a precursor to both outings, the trio have shared a full stream of “Adjust” and snippets for the forthcoming Aimed VA, both of which can be heard via the players below, alongside a dubbed-out mix from Orbit & Belogurov.