Wylie Cable will release a new album later this month, titled Buried At Sea.

The 12-track album will arrive via Cable’s Los Angeles-based Dome of Doom, founded in 2011 and via which he released his debut solo album, Water Under The Bridge, in 2015. Cable recorded the album over the last two years at Dome of Doom’s LA headquarters as a way to process the loss of his father, Arthur Cable. The literal meaning behind “Buried At Sea” stems from scattering his father’s ashes into the Pacific ocean, per his Dad’s last wishes. In the extroverted sense, the album theme is “a meditation on the emotionally complex nature of loss and finding the beauty of life again,” the label explains. 

Though the record is influenced by hip-hop and electronic music and rooted in sample culture compositionally, Cable performed a bulk of the album’s elements himself, playing flutes, guitar, electric and standup bass, keys/synths, percussion, and more. Cameo’s come from the likes of Daedelus, Kenny Segal, and Laura Darlington.  

The artwork stems from an original painting created by Los Angeles-based artist Wyatt Mills, made in close collaboration by the two artists specifically for the music and project themes. Buried At Sea will be available on vinyl, cassette and all digital platforms via Dome of Doom, on September 14, 2018, with special shows in support across the globe.

My new album represents mortality, the afterlife, the soul, and the body. For me personally it also speaks to family, history, community, artist communities especially, and the fact that we can do more together than alone. Buried At Sea is the cyclical nature of time, the process of grieving, and ultimately, the road back to happiness and peace.” — Wylie Cable


01. Making Tea For Ghosts

02. Oh My Night

03. Fiddlers Green (feat. Kenny Segal)

04. Pirouette (feat. Daedelus)

05. The Boy With Shark Teeth

06. Body = Tomb

07. Iced Oolong Tea

08. Karate Chop

09. Kitten

10. A Sorcerer of Questionable Morality

11. Dog Park

12. The Cave Dweller & The Sea Fairer (feat. Laura Darlington)

Buried At Sea will be available on vinyl, cassette, and all digital platforms via Dome of Doom, on September 14, with “The Cave Dweller & The Sea Fairer” (feat. Laura Darlington) streaming exclusively in full via the player below.