As announced, Georgian artist Sophia Saze will release her debut two-part album, Self, on Francis Harris’ Kingdoms imprint, with the first part dropping on cassette this June.

Self is described as a reflection of Saze’s struggles throughout life, and a memoir of the many different places she’s lived, including Georgia, Russia, USA, France, and Canada. Contrasting to her recent productions, which are geared more towards the dancefloor, her debut long-player is downtempo and features a medley of musical influences, released as a concept album on cassette.

The album draws the analogy of analog to modern day digital culture whilst also taking a stance against perfection, by integrating the distance crackle of Saze’s machines and the intentional off-beat piano notes in minor. Part One was conceived during a sleepless yet inspired 48-hour studio session. Processed field recordings accompany samples from her childhood, such as Soviet cartoons and intimate VHS recordings of her family. 

Born in Tbilisi, Saze is the daughter of political refugees who has spent her life living in numerous different countries before eventually finding home in Brooklyn, New York. Finding it difficult to find her own identity due to living a nomadic lifestyle, she became entangled with electronic music before becoming a key player within New York’s nightlife scene and launching her Dusk & Haze imprint in 2017.

Self LP (Part One) drops on Kingdoms on June 14, with the second part following on July 12. Ahead of the release, you can stream A2 “Bare” in full via the player below, with pre-order here



01. / A1. Salome (სალომე) 

02. / A2. Bare

03. / A3. Tsminda (წმინდა) 04. / A4. Punches

05. / A5. Howl

06. / B1. Flower

07. / B2. Orbits

08. / B3. Volk (волк) 09. / B4. De Dios 10. / B5. Torn

11. / B6. Safe

12. / B7. Kera (კერა) 13. / B8. Mirror Mirror 14. / B9. Aliens