The next release on Bristol label Mint Tea is Metamaterial, a various artist compilation featuring tracks from El Choop, Ornamental, OddNipp, label head Boulderhead, and Komartsov. These artists span Russia, UK, and the Netherlands. The release (which starts new series “MTUSB”) will be a limited edition run of custom USBs loaded with music videos and artwork.

“An entity, shielded in radio silence, hurtles past Earth’s orbit releasing an umber of data fragments,” the label explains. “Data fragments have been encoded in a human perceivable format intended for inter-dimensional communication with the beings of the vessel as it continues to search for sentient life.” Across eight tracks, we can expect acid, deep house, electro, house, techno, and experimental. 

The quality across the release is high, and in its support we are streaming Boulderhead’s “Ionic Bonding” in full via the player below. The UK producer’s only previous release came in March on NV020, another V/A via Czech Republic’s Neo Violence. 


01. El Choop “Random Cell”

02. Ornamental “Feel Tool”

03. OddNipp “Designer Nipp”

04. Boulderhead “Ionic Bonding”

05. Komartsov “Night Dance”

06. OddNipp “Oddsynth”

07. Komartsov “Acid Rain”

08. OddNipp “Groovenipp”