After releases by Cez and Ashac, High Ends returns with an EP by Thomas Romain and his mother, famed free jazz pianist Christine Wodrascka.

Christine’s style is wholly unique; there are no barriers to her sonic exploration. Sound matter, energy, forms, architecture, and emotion all play a part in shaping her style. In his own irregular style, Thomas adds a sense of swing to his mother’s improvisations. This fusion of acoustic and electronic creates wholly original experimental journeys which will delight the auditory senses of those listening.

In support of the release, you can stream opening cut “Tribute to Parmegiani” in full below. The track mixes swing with concrete music, with interventions of prepared piano accompanied by a hip-hop-influenced beat. Concrete music pioneer Parmegiani, sampled throughout, coincidentally died the same day the track was produced. Stream it now below, with clips of all of the other tracks, ahead of the EP’s February 5 release.


A1. Tribute To Parmegiani
A2. S9
B1. Tribute To Parmegiani (Tobias Remix)
B2. Excursion Naïve
B3. Outro

Excursion NaÏve EP is scheduled for February 5 release via High Ends.