On September 22, Brooklyn-based artist J. R. Bohannon (a.k.a. Ancient Ocean) will release his second full-length, Titan’s Island, via Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

A concept album at heart, Titan’s Island looks to Saturn’s Titan moon—which is considered to be our solar system’s only habitable planet aside from the earth because of its surface lakes and seas—and notions of discovery and exploration for its basis. Bohannon has noted that part of the album was directly influenced by how he perceives sounds may take shape in space and posing the question—when taking into consideration that space is a vacuum—are the sounds actually there? Across four long-form tracks, Bohannon explores this concept with a fusion of processed noise, expansive sound design, and the use of minimalistic guitar and synth lines.

In support of the album, which you can pre-order here, Bohannon has offered up a full stream of “Rift Valleys,” available to listen via the player below.